Sunday, 9 February 2014

Zentrip 25

Consciousness, universality, nature, the infinite, connectedness, metaphysics, harmony, rhythm, melody ... soul, jazz, acoustic, classical, balearic, electronic soul, leftfield techno etc etc. This one is an extra long, lovingly crafted mixed bag inspired by the philosopher Alan Watts. It's a cosmic, natural, free floating all encompassing celebration exploring the inner and outer worlds. Starting in orbit, coming back down and soothing you and carrying you away again. Sit back and enjoy.

Taragana Pyjarama - lo ng (live)
Luisine - the waiting room
amorphous androgynous - the witch hunt
Million Brazilians - untitled II
Lindstrom and Christabelle - keep it up
CFCF - jump out of the train
Bill Callahan - summer painter
Bjork - joga
Thundercat - return to the journey
Coldcut - walk a mile in my shoes (ft. Robert Owens)
Thievery Corporation - le monde
Sun Ra - nature boy
Erik Satie - Gnossienne No.1
Phobium - towards proxima centauri
Rotary Connection - vine of happiness
Prince - temptation
Ananda Shankar - charging tiger
Thundercat- boat cruise
Hieroglyphic Being - imagined landscape No. 10
Colleen - breaking up the earth (the home current remix)
Austin Peralta - epilogue renaissance bubbles
O.V. Wright - are you going where i'm coming from
Xploding Plastix - ritalin for four pedal steel guitars
Bill Callahan - spring
The Rosebuds - Cherish Love
Ahmad Jamal - Laura
Sarah Vaughan - the nearness of you

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