Thursday, 23 January 2014

Zentrip 24

Atmospheric, cinematic, slightly chasing-the-dragon-round-the-inside-of-a-cathedral beats, drums, basslines and widescreen synth laden experience with some psychedelic guitar thrown in for good measure. Check the Meesha track, those synths and keys bring me joy every time I hear it. Sterling Thrones is also a bit masterful. Then there's Valis and to finish off one of the most epic soundtrack songs ever made.

Cabaal - in flux
chad valley - i owe you this ft twin shadow (bwana remix)
Druid Cloak - sterling thrones
Applescal - screams
clam casino - crystals
Robot Koch - jupiter
meesha - you know
karma kid - in my arms (maths times joy remix)
flying lotus - auntie's lockinfinitum
a theory - elevens
the oscillation - veils
valis - exigesis
college - critical mass
dam funk - kildat aka killdatmuthafucka
moby - god moving over the face of the water