Sunday, 26 May 2013

Zentrip 19

Some relaxing sounds for the bank holiday. Including the wonderful Brighton based singer and harpist Woodpecker Wooliams (she features on the latest Ghostpoet track). Matthew E White, James Blake. Another track from Ayo Olatunji’s Isolation mixtape and a great live version of an Alice Russell track, the vocal performance is amazing. 

Olfur Arnalds - Fok
Chistoph El Truento - Galaxy
Woodpecker Wooliams - Gull
Ghostworker - The Morning (Acousmatic mix)
Matthew E White - One of These Days
Noah - Do You Remember
Gizmo - Red Ballon (Revive Music Group)
I/O - Fast/Freetimes
James Blake - Retrograde
Noo-Bap - Comsic Love
Woodpecker Wooliams - Dove
Ry/Frank Wiedemann - Howling
Stonephace - Essays For Alice
Alice Russell - For a While (live session)
The Nu Page - A Heart Is A House

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Strung Out


Variations on the chasing the dragon around the inside of a cathedral meloncolia theme. Generally lo-fi, washed out, ethereal type vibes.

HTDW - suicide dream 2
die von brau - iris
phork - undone
HTDW - you won't need me where i'm goin'
the weeknd - coming down (sango remix)
dnte - stoned
changez - selfish
I/O - Face It
cabaal - handful of dust
autre ne veut - play by play
polica - lay your cards out
the weeknd - wicked games
HTDW - lover's start
Cabaal - out of body
indian wells - night drops
klaves - closer
autre ne veut - ego free sex free
I/O - wasted my time

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Expanding Sensations

In A Silent Way By Miles Davis
Christmas Steps By Mogwai
Angel By Massive Attack
the going gets tough the tough get krazee By !!!(Chkchkchk)
Neighborhood #3(power cut) By Arcade Fire
Streetcrawler By Jimmy Chamberlain Project
Third Stone From The Sun By Jimi Hendrix
Mogwai Fear Satan

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Spring Deepness

I've been listening to Max Cooper mixes a lot these last couple of weeks. I really like the atmosphere and space he creates and how he combines cosmic elements with a very grounded natural sound. Proper journey music. This mix includes a couple of his remixes plus a couple of tunes I hear a lot with my friends in Brighton. Also special mention to the new Becky Becky track.

Do you Remember By Noah
I Owe You This (feat. Twin Shadow) (Bwana Remix) By Chad Valley
A2 (Max Cooper Remix) By Olafur arnalds & nils frahm
Nomads By Sid le rock
House Of The Black Madonna By Becky Becky
Rykketid By Trentemoller
Titelheld By Extrawelt
Pass This On (John Dahlb├Ąck Remix) By The Knife
Panta Rei (Max Cooper remix) By Agoria
Unknown By Unknown
Connected By Drugs
Everyday By The Field
Sun By Koreless