Sunday, 9 March 2014

...and then again - Spring Jazz

Considering how much I listen to jazz I don't upload much here so I put something together for Spring. I'm just going to keep it simple except to say that there's some great stuff here, perfect for a sunny Sunday, particularly the last 14 minute epic.
Highlights include:

Elvin Jones - walking bassline and drum solo
Ahmad Jamal - great recording of the drums
Pharoah Saunders - stone cold classic
Bobby Hutcherson - great vibes, inspired Madlib, two tracks of the expansive Head On album
Nathan Davis - that groove ain't no joke
Les McCann - so much feeling, emotive strings
Motherless Child - one of the best recordings ever. Dwight Trible's singing is the most emotive, soul-wrenching, joyful thing.The bass solo is also fantastic.