Monday, 29 August 2011

Zentrip 9....Bank Holiday special

This one is perfect for the morning after the night before or simply relaxing on your bank holiday monday/weekend/day off.
There's two gorgeous covers by Mara Hruby, another of a Moodymann track, pure class from Rotary Connection and The Gap Band (love that track so much). It ends on a bit of a euphoric tip with Prince on the outro.

mara hruby - send it on

atjazz - one ft amalia
erykah badu - cleva
mara hruby - alright
cro magnon - black mahgoni
arthurs landing - love dancing
rotary connection - love has fallen on me
rotary connection - hangin round the bee tree
the gap band - yearning for your love
barrington levy - the vibes is right
jupiter tuning center - mini jass
fatima - red light
robert owens - step inside the moment
ulrich schnauss - as if you've never been away
prince - the other side of the pillow (live)