Monday, 24 September 2012

John Coltrane 23 September

Yesterday the 23 Septem
ber was the anniversary of the legendary John Coltrane's birthday. To celebrate this fact the talented Blackclassical released another epic mix dedicated to the great man. I posted his last effort released in 2010 which I still regard as the best mix/podcast I've ever heard.

Listen to it on mixcloud or download from here :

Build an Ark Introduction
Webster Lewis Saturday Night
William Parker Moholio
Julius Hemphill Lemon’s Warm Life Blues
Blind Lemon Jefferson From Sun to Sun Blues
Massimo Urbani Quartet Dedications
Blind Lemon Jefferson Lemon’s Holy Blues
Blind Lemon Jefferson Lemon’s New World Blues
The Descendants of Mike And Phoebe Coltrane
John Coltrane The Sun
John Coltrane Lord, Help me to be
Third World Quintet Concitism
Harriet Blumet Nano-polarity
Blind Lemon Jefferson Lemon’s Etched In Halved Moon Blues
Alice Coltrane Huntington Ashram Monastery
Sarah Webster Fabio Chromo
Sonny Sharrock Black Woman
Marion Brown/Gunter Hampel …And Then They Danced
Sarah Webster Fabio Dialogue Between Two Messengers of Peace
Kanai Hideo Ode To Birds
Kain Constipated Monkey
Brother Ah Transfiguration
Dave Lee Jr Mystic Sound
Brother Ah Transcendental March (Creation Song)
Abbey Lincoln Africa
Cossi Anatz Hortus
Hannibal Movement 3. Prayer
African American Musical Roots Revisited Images
Albert Heath Dunia
Last Poets Two Little Boys
Carl B Stokes / Oliver Nelson Black Suite for Sting Quartet & Jazz Orchestra
Last Poets Invocation
Last Poets Black Rage
The Jihad Form Is Emptiness
Dollarbrand African Space Program
Dollarbrand Tintiyana, First Part
Sarah Webster Fabio A Lesson Twice Learned The Drum Roll Funk
Selah Celestial Infinity
Sarah Webster Fabio A Mover Place In the Sun
Ahmed Abdullah They Plan
Ahmed Abdullah East of Uz
Dollarbrand Asr
Milt Ward and Virgo Spectrum Morning Glories

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