Wednesday, 9 March 2011

!!!Japan Jazz!!! - Soil & Pimp Sessions

I've been meaning to put this together a tribute to the mighty Soil & Pimp Sessions for a while and the release of their latest album Stoned Pirate Radio, a concept cover album set in the year 2036 was the perfect driver to get me to finally get on it.

They're my favourite current jazz group. I love them because they totally rock the show bringing bags of funk, groove, reggae, ska and all out party vibes. I've seen them live every time they've played in London and they do definately bring the party! Also included are tracks from the rhythm section trio who go by the name of Just A Maestro (JAM). Another Japanese group Indigo Jam Unit are also featured, they've got groove to, they did an album with Common named Re:Common on which they reworked some of his tracks on a jazz tip, some seriously sweet grooves goin on there!

I can tell you for certain I won't be leaving the house without this, you'll definately want to turn up the volume and rock out!

See you at their next London gig.

Mr Mambo is my name
Papa's got a brand new Pigbag
Walkie Talkie Man
Quartz and Chronometer
Red Clay
Indigo Jam Unit - Pentagram
Indigo Jam Unit - Be
Indigo Jam Unit - Rush
Boogie Stop Shuffle
Indigo Jam Unit -Massquerade
After the Party
Just A Meastro - Quiet Passion
Shaft in Africa
My Foolish Heart (Crazy In Mind)
Indigo Jam Unit - Ibuki
Just A Maestro - Age of No Quality

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