Thursday, 17 December 2009

December Funk

Here's some funk to warm you up for December!

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1.Betty Davis-Funk
2. Betty Davis-Git In Here
3. Prince-Hide The Bone
4. Marvin Gaye-Far Cry
5. Nite Liters-Anything Goes
6. Jay Mitchell-Funky Fever
7. The Soul Destroyers ft Sharon Jackson-Fakin Out
8. Innersouls - Just take your time
9. 6ix Toys-Giggle
10. Sound Stylistics-Get ya some
11. Jimmy Castor Bunch-A groove will make you move
12. The Soul Snatchers - Sniffin and Snatchin
13. Dewey Terry - On My Feet (what I did on the street)
14. Baby Huey - Listen To Me
15. Gil Scott-Heron - The Bottle (live)

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