Saturday, 9 May 2015

Spring Jazz 2015

A monster bag of grooves of all kinds of jazz and soul. A fair amount of live tracks from the likes of Jimmy Smith, Bobby Jackson and the epic Black Messiah by Cannonball Adderley, decades before D'Angelo. Check the Shamek Farrah track, only just discovered this Strata East artist.

john lee & gerry brown - infinite jones
mitsuaki katayama - first flight
austin peralta - capricornus
the five corners quintet - straight up
jimmy smith - root down (and get it)
bobby jackson - fluck flick
Shamek farrah - first impressions
bobbi humphrey - harlem river drive
nat adderley - i think i got it
elvin jones - and then again
yusef lateef - rosetta
indigo jam unit - 5am
cannonball adderley - black messiah

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