Friday, 20 December 2013

Zentrip 23

I have survived the waterfall
And the rocks underneath
I am a memory of the ocean
Water beneath my feet
The rising tide I feel within me
Lifts me beyond the stars of night
I am the death of every motion
The soaring half of life
                                 - Saul Williams, Fall Up

Intro - Pharoh Saunders
phobium - drifting past comets
stev - winter train
cabaal - sun prism
saul williams - fall up
steve huerta - falling up
curve - falling free (aphex twin mix)
legowelt - renegade of a new age
deniro - as simple as that
alice russell - i love you (acoustic)
dwight trible - papa lean griot
sun glitters - only you
nitin sawhney - nadia (live ft. nicki wells)

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